Planar Rules

These are a few Planar basics taken from the DMG and others created specific for this campaign.

Material Plane 1) Material Plane – Strata

Transitive Planes 2) Ethereal Plane 3) Plane of Shadows 4) Astral Plane

Inner Planes 5) Positive Energy Plane 6) Negative Energy Plane 7) Elemental Plane of Fire 8) Elemental Plane of Earth 9) Elemental Plane of Water 10) Elemental Plane of Air

Outer Planes 11) Celestia 12) The Nine Hells 13) The Abyss ...Many more and possibly Infinite.

Planar Travel Any two planes relate one of the following ways:
  1. Seperate – planes that do not overlap at all.
  2. Coterminous – planes that touch at specific points.
  3. Coexistent – planes that overlap throughout.

Using a Gate The first thing you need to use a Gate is a Planar fork, tuned specifically for the desired plane you wish to go to.

The Transitive Planes are all coexistent with the Material Plane (Strata), meaning that a Gate can be open from the Material Plane to either the Ethereal Plane or the Shadow Plane at any point.

The Astral Plane is Coexistent to all other Planes, meaning that a Gate can be open from the Astral Plane that goes to any and all other Planes and vice versa.

All the Inner Planes intersect the Material Plane (Strata) at certain points.

There are some Outer Planes that intersect the Material plane some of the time or during a major Planar Syzygy (Astral Plane + Material Plane + Outer Plane) they pass through the entire Material Plane to a point when they reach Planar Eclipse.


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