Anything in the MM that says Cohort in the Level Adjustment can be trained as regular mount. To buy a mount find the NPC level (14th or lower based on lowest party Cohort level) and look up the NPC Character Wealth and divide by 4 for the cost to train that mount.

NPC Character Wealth by Level
Level Wealth Level Wealth
1st 900 gp 11th 21000 gp
2nd 2000 gp 12th 27000 gp
3rd 2500 gp 13th 35000 gp
4th 3300 gp 14th 45000 gp
5th 4300 gp 15th 59000 gp
6th 5600 gp 16th 77000 gp
7th 7200 gp 17th 100000 gp
8th 9400 gp 18th 130000 gp
9th 12000 gp 19th 170000 gp
10th 16000 gp 20th 220000 gp

For a Paladin special mount, you are limited to Heavy Warhorse if you are medium.

We will have a special house rule for alternate mounts of equal ECL to that of the special mount. This will take away powers if you use something with higher than 4HD or a LA.


The Giant Owl is a 4HD creature with a +2 LA (cohort). Make him your mount at a loss of 2 bonus HD and use the chart from paladin mount for 11-14 for paladin mounts.


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