Leadership and Epic Leadership

Your main character starts at Level 17 with 32-pointbuy and the Leadership feat for free (as a campaign special feat).

You will need to calculate your Leadership score by adding your main character’s Level + charisma bonus +2 (great renown) +2 (guild) +2 (campaign special) and factor in the following penalties:

NOTE: (campaign special) add up for a total +2. Calculated as +1 for holding a seat on the Circle of Wisdom and another +1 for fate/destiny for the two to be paired.

The Leader has… modifier
a familiar, an animal companion, or a special mount -2
caused the death of a previous cohort -2
a cohort of different alignment -1

The other modifiers that come into play are strictly role-playing:

Leader’s Reputation modifier
fairness and generosity +1
special power +1
failure -1
aloofness -1
cruelty -2
caused death of followers -1
Example: lowest Leadership Score

Meet Garr the Half-Orc Fighter Mutt.
His stats are impressive; at 17th level without any gear:
Str 24 (+7), Dex 14 (+2), Con 16 (+3), Int 6 (-2), Wis 8 (-1), Cha 6 (-2).

To find his Leadership score we add:
17 (level), -2 (charisma modifier), +2 (guild), +2 (campaign special) = 19

Garr is an un-focuses character, more Chaotic than Good, he has 5 levels as an Ex-Paladin granting him a Special Mount. He also has 4 levels as a Ranger with an Animal Companion. Although he can’t cast spells, he trained with a Sorcerer for a Summer and has summoned a familiar. He also has 5 levels as a Fighter. All his attentions are divided three ways before he finds a Cohort who is very jelous. This only gives him a -2 total, and not a -2 for each other companion that he has.

17 (level), -2 (charisma modifier), +2 (guild), +2 (campaign special) -2 (familiar and others) = 17.

In Garr’s backstory he has a tendency to be a failure, he has been known to be aloof and once before when he had his first Cohort he demonstrated cruelty by killing one of his followers, in public, no less. He can’t be penalized as a failure today (because now he is a huge sucess as a Circle member) so he is not penalized for being such a failure, but he does shirk on his duties and doesn’t leave a forwarding address all the time, so he can be aloof. Also in his backstory he allowed his previous cohort to fall to his death, he tells the story and laughs about it.

17 (level), -2 (charisma modifier), +2 (guild), +2 (campaign special), -2 (familiar and others)
-1 (aloofness), -2 (cruelty), -1 (death of a follower), -2 (death of his cohort) = 11.

And his new Cohort is an Evil Necromancer with a different alignment than his so his Leadership score goes form 11 down to 10. That is the lowest score that you are allowed to have for Roleplaying purposes.

But there is hope!

In an alternate reality, Garr has made some un-focused class decisions so he keeps the -2 (familiar and others) penalty, but in his backstory, he is fair and generous to others +1, he is nice to the DM so he is given a hidden (unknown) special power +1, and he manages to raise his Charisma score magically from an 6 to a 12.

17 (level), +1 (charisma modifier), +2 (guild), +2 (campaign special), -2 (familiar and others)
+1 (fair and generous), +1 (special power)= 22.

(leadership score, Cohort Level, and followers by level)
Leadership Score Cohort Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
10 7th 5 - - - - -
19 13th 40 4 2 1 1 -
20 14th 50 5 3 2 1 -
21 15th 60 6 3 2 1 1
22 15th 75 7 4 2 2 1
23 16th 90 9 5 3 2 1

Cohort character
Level 15, 25-pointbuy Your cohort must be two levels lower than your main but based on your Leadership score, may be lower.

With Leadership, your main character has around 100 followers which makes up a player established organization. You must name it and determine a creed or mission statement. All other stats will be for role-playing purposes.


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