With Leadership, your main character has around 100 followers which makes up a player established organization. You must name it and determine a creed or mission statement. All other stats will be for role-playing purposes.

Here is a past example:

Order of Insight
Caendun the Archmage founded the Library of Arcane Secrets. This sanctuary is both a Mage’s Library for study and also a fortress folded deep under magic to protect evil relics that have been recovered. There are also those who belong to the Order of Insight, the followers of Caendun who train in the arcane arts as Librarians and protectors of the inner Sanctuary.

Level 21
cha bonus +1
renown +2
guild +2
special +2
total 28

Leadership Score
score cohort 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
28 19th 220 22 11 6 3 2 1

Librarians use the DMG Elite Array:
15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8
8,12,14,15 (+1@4th),13,10

Librarians classes ranks highest knowledge feats
1st Wiz1 4 9 skill focus: knowledge, spellcraft
2nd Wiz2 5 10 skill focus: knowledge, spellcraft
3rd Wiz3 6 11 skill focus: knowledge, spellcraft brew potion
4th Wiz4 7 13 skill focus: knowledge, spellcraft brew potion
5th Wiz5 8 14 skill focus: knowledge, spellcraft brew potion extend spell
6th Wiz6 9 15 skill focus: knowledge, spellcraft craft wondrous heighten spell spell focus: Divination
7th Wiz7 10 16 skill focus: knowledge, spellcraft craft wondrous widen spell spell focus: Illusion
Librarians each focus in a different knowledge, making the Order very diverse.
Only the humans in the Order of Insight take skill focus: spellcraft.
Some of the 3rd level and higher have Craft Wondrous Item instead of Brew potion.

Order of Insight crafters can make the following:
item CL feat spell gp XP
Unguent of Timelessness CL3 Craft Wondrous - 75 6XP
Elixir of Love CL4 Craft Wondrous charm person 75 6XP
Silversheen CL5 Craft Wondrous - 125 10XP
Salve of Slipperiness CL6 Craft Wondrous grease 500 40XP
Stone of Alarm CL3 Craft Wondrous alarm 1350 108XP
Helm of Comprehend Languages CL4 Craft Wondrous comprehend languages,
read magic
2600 208XP
Wind Fan CL5 Craft Wondrous gust of wind 2750 220XP
Deck of Illusions CL6 Craft Wondrous major image 4050 324XP
Medallion of Thoughts CL5 Craft Wondrous detect thoughts 6000 480XP


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