Q: What are the best metamagic feats, in your opinion?
A: Quicken, Empower, Extend in that order.

Q: Can we take non-core feats?
A: No.

Q: Do haste and quicken spell stack for 3 spells a round?
A: No. With core rules you are allowed one standard action spell and one quickened spell. With the spell contingency you are also allowed an extra “immediate” action.

Q: Can I make a contingency command-word so that I can “cast” a third spell on my turn?
A: Yes. There are restrictions on the types of spells that can be added with contingency, mostly target self.

Q: What is the cost for wishing your ability scores higher??
A: 5,000XP for each casting and +1 for each casting up to 25,000XP for five castings and +5 to a single ability score.

Q: What is campaign restriction in Wishing for an inherent ability bost?
A: +2 starting at 17th with no restrictions on +1 and increasing by one each level until level 21 with no restrictions on wish.
+1 costs 5KXP (up to 6 stats with no restrictions)
+2 costs 10KXP (1 stat at 17th, +1 and lower no restrictions)
+3 costs 15KXP (1 stat at 18th, +2 and lower no restrictions)
+4 costs 20KXP (1 stat at 19th, +3 and lower no restrictions)
+5 costs 25KXP (1 stat at 20th, +4 and lower no restrictions)
At level 21 no restrictions on the wish spell.

Q: Can we craft a belt of wisdom +6?
A: The DMG has suggested rules for items crafted into non-standard slots cost an additional +50% base cost. This will be an added house rule.

Q: Does a headband of intellect give you more skills?
A: No. But it does give you bonus spells associated to ability score.

Q: Do Bracers of armor and regular armor stack?
A: No. You gain a “regular” armor bonus from which ever is the higher of the two.

Q: Can I pearl back a 3rd level spell with a pearl of power 5th?
A: Yes. This is a DM ruling and I can’t find a resource that states otherwise. In the same way you can memorize a 3rd level spell in a 5th level slot. To pearl back that 3rd level spell, however, you would have to use a 5th level pearl.


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