Epic Core Guidelines

Epic Core Guidelines
You will be responsible for the following:

Main character
Level 17, 32-pointbuy
Leadership feat for free (as a campaign special feat)
Leadership score: Level + Charisma bonus +2 (great renown) +2 (guild) +2 (campaign special)

Cohort character
Level 15, 25-pointbuy
Your cohort must be two levels lower than your main but based on your Leadership score, may be lower.

With Leadership, your main character has around 100 followers which makes up a player established organization. You must name it and determine a creed or mission statement. All other stats will be for role-playing purposes.

Any (be careful)

All other non-boss NPCs in the realm will be limited by your lowest cohort level. With that in mind, you will be expected to craft all your own gear (for most of the higher gear) between yourself and your cohorts. All XP and gold will be taken out of a party pool that the DM will manage, since you have close to limitless resources. Wealth for your Main character is as DMG pg 135 suggests 340,000gp (17th) and 200,000gp (15th) and all party-crafted items cost 50% suggested DMG price. List crafted items base cost and XP cost when adding them to your character sheet.

Calculate hitpoints using Max at first level, then 1/2 HD +1 each level, like RPGA. Example: A 3rd level cleric with a Con 10 (+0), has the following hitpoints 8+5+5 = 18; (poor guy he’s hurting)

Suggested Party Makeup
You may chose to allow your cohorts to leave the party to adventure together without the help of your mains. They should all form a balanced party together. Your main party should probably be straight spellcasters. All multi-classing and even just playing traditional roles is still allowed.

Multi-class suggestions
Since Spell Resistance is based on caster level and the core rules do not support any caster level enhancements except for Spell Penetration (feat +2), Greater Spell Penetration (feat +2), Spell Power (Archmage, Hierophant +1), Bead of karma (divine caster item +4), and Orange Prism Ioun Stone (30k +1) it is recommended that all spellcasters do not take races with Level Adjustment and do not multi-class to lower their caster level. Multi-class fighters and other non-spell-casters can actually benefit your characters abilities and saves greatly.

Use the Effective Character Level by adding the Monster Manual creature’s HD to it’s Level adjustment then add as many class levels without exceeding 17 or 15 depending on which character you are creating. Suggested races with no more than +2 Level Adjustment but other LA will be allowed. Racial HD + LA + classes = ECL

All material in the three Core Books should be used to their fullest and any additional information from the SRD (excluding Psionics). Permanency, Wish, Miracle ’’and Clone’’ are all accessible if you have a party member who can cast them.

Required no more than a page about how your character fought some great adventures and then retired and was elected to The Circle of Wisdom. Main city is called Splendor city, the three predominant races are Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. They allied centuries ago and have been living in peace for about 200 year under rule from The Senate and The Circle.

Epic Core Guidelines

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