Deities and Pantheons

Deities and Pantheons of Strata

The Core Deities of the PHB makeup the major Pantheon of Strata. The other Deities in this campaign are created by players.

Deities by Rank (PHB 32), (NN = True Neutral, Neutral)
Name Rank AL Domains
Moradin Greater LG Earth Good Law Protection
Yondalla Greater LG Good Law Protection
Garl Glittergold Greater NG Good Protection Trickery
Pelor Greater NG Good Healing Strength Sun
Corellon Larethian Greater CG Chaos Good Protection War
Boccob Greater NN Knowledge Magic Trickery
Nerull Greater NE Death Evil Trickery
Gruumsh Greater CE Chos Evil Strength War
Heironeous Intermediate LG Good Law War
Ehlonna Intermediate NG Animal Good Plant Sun
Kord Intermediate CG Chaos Good Luck Strength
Wee Jas Intermediate LN Death Law Magic
St. Cuthbert Intermediate LN Destruction Law Protection Strength
Fharlanghn Intermediate NN Luck Protection Travel
Obad-Hai Intermediate NN Air,Water Animal Earth,Fire Plant
Olidammara Intermediate CN Chaos Luck Trickery
Hextor Intermediate LE Destruction Evil Law War
Erythnul Intermediate CE Chaos Evil Trickery War
Vecna Lesser NE Evil Knowledge Magic

Vimúhla Lesser CE Chaos Destruction Fire War
Bahamut Lesser LG Air Good Law Luck Protection
Dargazz Demi-god CE Chaos
The Fool Hero God CE Trickery

Creating a Deity
Using the BYOD rule, some of the players will have created deities of their own. To do so follow this simple outline here.


Name: Bahamut
Gender: Male
Rank: Lesser Deity
Areas of Concern: Good Dragons, Wind, Wisdom
Titles: The Platinum Dragon, King of the Good Dragons, Lord of the North Wind
Holy Symbol: Star above a Milky nebula
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Air, Good, Law, Luck, Protection
Description: Bahamut (bah-hahm-ut), revered by good dragons (especially gold, silver and brass), is stern and disapproving of evil, but kind and helpful to the downtrodden and dispossessed.

Name your deity here. Single name, no pseudonyms for now.

Your options are Male, Female, or Neuter, or anything else you would like.

Your options are Lesser Deity, Demi-god, and Hero God. The limited options are Intermediate Deity and Greater Deity and only allowed with DM approval.

Hero God: A mortal who was loved in life by many followers and in death is venerated by their followers and granted godhood by a Greater Deity or Intermediate Deity.

Demi-god: A mortal who in life completes an epic task set forth by a Lesser, Intermediate or Greater Deity. This impossible task brings forth the mortals ascension into godhood. Demi-god is also referred to as godling.

NOTE: Both Hero-gods and Demi-gods are mortal on the Material Plane and can be killed. One Greyhawk Deity named Vathris was a Demi-god who fought in a great battle and was slain. Years later his followers venerated him and now he is a Hero-god. Without veneration a slain god is a dead god.

Lesser Deity: An immortal who is the descendant of a god, second generation or more.

Intermediate Deity: An immortal who is the descendant of a god, first generation, the son/daughter, brother/sister of a Greater Deity.

Greater Deity: An immortal who is the oldest and most powerful god who defines the major pantheon.

Areas of Concern:
Between two and six different ideals. Areas of Concern are the same as Domains but tend to be more descriptive. Elements, Race, some other Domains, double as both a Domain and an Area. Other areas can be more descriptive like, Wonder Lust, Charity, or even “Unforgiving Murderous Souls Longing for Death while trapped under an Oath”.

At lease one pseudonym, please do not take a name from another deity in this campaign unless there is at least two degrees of difference in the Alignment of those gods.

Holy Symbol:
Icon that can be fashioned into a solid medallion, used by followers of that deity to call upon divine powers to grant them spells.

Any. Since you are restricted from making Intermediate and Greater Deities in this campaign (without permission), there are no restrictions on the alignment for Lesser and below.

You must list two and you may not list more than five. All Domains for this campaign must be Core.

How do you pronounce your deity’s name, what is he like, what’s his favorite color?

Other things you may want to list for your newly created deity are:

Core Worshipers:
If there is a racial restriction on followers list them here.

Common Worshipers:
If there are different groups of followers like a Dragon god may have Core Worshipers as Dragons and common worshipers are Kobolds, dragonkin, and half-dragons.

Favored Weapon:
All deities with the War Domain must list their deity’s favored weapon. They only have to list base weapon but can also list the magical preferences as well. Clerics of the War domain are automatically proficient with that weapon type and also receive Weapon Focus of that weapon as a free feat. It is acceptable to create a deity for the soul purpose of giving a cleric weapon proficiency and Weapon Focus of a particular Exotic Weapon as long as you give a reasonable enough description of the Deity to support your weapon choice. Clerics that follow an ideal and not a deity are limited to Longspear, Morningstar, or Light Mace for choosing the War Domain.

Clerics of an ideal
Clerics that follow an ideal and not a deity are still allowed to worship a god. The Cleric is still required to share one degree of alignment with their worshiped deity but the ideals that they follow must match their alignment exactly. In this way a Cleric can worship any deity and have access to domains of their choice (with alignment restrictions). The other reason for this is that some gods do not yet have the ability to grant followers spells. Many Clerics of Hero-gods or recently ascended or venerated deities must chose to become a follower first and then chose to follow the ideals of that deity giving them access to spells and domains based on the ideals of his god.

Deities and Pantheons

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