There are a few ways to handle item creation:
  1. Each characters crafts their own gear paying 50% base cost in gold plus 1/25 base gold cost in XP.
  2. Characters pay PHB suggested XP cost in gold (5 gp = 1 XP) to NPC hirelings which reduce the item cost to 7/10 of base gold price costing 0 XP for the character.
  3. Characters can share resources and feats to create items for each other at 50% cost.

Going with the last method, the party plus cohorts will only need one PC with each crafting feat to create all the gear needed. All crafted items will need to be listed on your character sheet in such a way that we can determine the following:
  • which party member posses the feat needed to craft this item, listing all characters needed if it requires multiple crafters.
  • item’s base cost in gold, crafted price in gold and XP spent

NOTE: There is an unlimited amount of party XP for crafting items. This will be tracked for purposes of the DM to keep the items powerful but still balanced. To start, the party will share a 100KXP pool. Once the first pool is depleted the DM will decide if another 100KXP pool should be added. Spells that require XP, such as wish, will be limited (check with the DM before spending spell XP). Example: In the beginning a wish for +2 stat boost will be limited per character for a single stat with no limitations on +1 boosts.

Tool, Masterwork
This well-made item is the perfect tool for the job. It grants a +2 circumstance bonus on a related skill check (if any). Bonuses provided by multiple masterwork items used toward the same skill check do not stack. 50 gp, 1 lb.

If you can rationalize a tool for the job, then you can add this to your skills as a circumstantial bonus.
Masterwork shoe weights, balance +2
Masterwork glove grips, climb +2
Masterwork angry makeup, intimidate +2

Wand, Scrolls and charges/uses
All wands are crafted with 50 charges. While you can find wands in play that have less than 50 charges, you cannot purchase them from NPCs. From the following chart you can purchase wands up to 4th level spells with a minimum caster level of 7th. The highest NPC available is based on the lowest party Cohort level. This will set the maximum caster level for scrolls that are available for purchase. If all Cohorts are 15th level, then 8th level scrolls can be bought from NPCs at the start of the game.

use item
Spell Level min CL 50 10 1 scroll
9 17 x x x 3825
8 15 x x x 3000
7 13 x x x 2275
6 11 x x x 1650
5 9 x x x 1125
4 7 21000 4200 420 700
3 5 11250 2250 225 375
2 3 4500 900 90 150
1 1 750 150 15 25

Creation Feat chart
Feat CL players
Scribe Scroll 1st
Brew Potion 3rd -
Craft Wondrous Item 3rd
Craft Magic Arms And Armor 5th
Craft Wand 5th
Craft Rod 9th
Forge Ring 12th
Craft Staff 12th

Spell Effect cost XP players needed
Wish +1 inherent bonus - 5KXP
Wish +2 inherent bonus - 10KXP
Wish +3 inherent bonus - 15KXP
Wish +4 inherent bonus - 20KXP
Wish +5 inherent bonus - 25KXP
Clone Necromantic body double,
instant raise dead
1K -

Spell XP Cost CL players needed
Enlarge person 500XP 9th
Magic fang 500XP 9th
Magic fang, greater 1.5KXP 11th
Reduce person 500XP 9th
Resistance 500XP 9th
Telepathic bond 2.5KXP 13th

item base crafted XP players needed
Headband of Intellect +6 36K 18K 1.44KXP

Not all Items can be crafted
Enhancement bonus cost discount XP players needed
Holy +2 8K 4K 160XP needed:7th Cleric with the Good Domain

NOTE: If there are no good clerics in the party and no one with access to the Good Domain then this item must be purchased at it’s full cost from an NPC who meets the Cohort level restriction.


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