Epic Core

Retired again
Gone for good?

Epic Core is over. The three campaigns ran a party of four or more level 17’s through level 21. The playtest information yielded the following tips about 3.5

  • increase caster level whenever possible
  • Greater Spell Penetration
  • Quicken, Empower, Maximize
  • Amulet of Constitution
  • Haste, Dimension Door the fighter then Full Attack
  • Death Ward, Heroes Feast, Miracle
  • Disintegrate, Delayed Blast Fireball, Wish
  • Firestorm, Spellstaff, Shapechange
  • Antimagic Field, Greater Invisibility, Force Cage
  • Blasphemy, Dictum, Holy Word, Word of Chaos

There will be one final Epic level game and not restricted to core rules. This will occur the end of June, just after the 4e release and will probably be the last 3.5 game for our group. AFNG DND league

Epic Core is Back

A new group of heroes will face the threat of realm domination. Pulling together all the known resources in the world, the human lands will be tested through war.

Keep an eye out for session updates now that we are off of PBwiki and using Obsidian Portal.


Sadly, Epic Core has been retired. This campaign has seen two separate groups take characters of level 17 to level 21 while exploring the basics of Epic Rules. A new group will be starting soon in Apex at the local game store


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