human wizard level 20


name: Thalos, race: human, class: wizard 20 (generalist), alignment: N, abilities: 13, 10, 14, 20 (+5@4,8,12,16,20), 12, 8, HP: 101 (wiz 4, wiz +57, con +40, AC 10 (base 10, dex +0), fort: +8 (wiz +6, con +2), refl: +6 (wiz +6, dex +0), will: +11 (wiz +10, wis +1), level_1_feat: spell penetration, human_bonus: greater spell penetration, wizard_1_feat: scribe scroll, level_3_feat: spell focus transmutation, wizard_5_feat: craft wondrous item, level_6_feat: greater spell focus transmutation, level_9_feat: craft rod, wizard_10_feat: empower spell, level_12_feat: forge ring, level_15_feat: spell focus evocation, wizard_15_feat: maximize spell, level_18_feat: greater spell focus evocation, wizard_20_feat: quicken spell, concentration: 25 (ranks 13, con +2), spellcraft: 28 (ranks 23, int +5), knowledge arcane: 28 (ranks 23, int +5 int), knowledge planes: 28 (ranks 23, int +5), carry_13: 0-50;51-100;101-150, ray: +10 (bab +10, +0 dex), gear: spell component pouch (5 gp, 2 lbs), spellbook (0 gp, 3 lbs), wealth: 5 gp, weight: 5 lbs

spellbook 1st: mage armor, shield, grease, magic missile, true strike, ray of enfeeblement, magic aura, 2nd: scorching ray, command undead, blur, mirror image, 3rd: fireball, haste, displacement, vampiric touch, 4th: stoneskin, greater invisibility, animate undead, enervation, 5th: dominate person, wall of force, overland flight, telekinesis, 6th: contingency, disintegrate, create undead, globe of invulnerability, 7th: limited wish, spell turning, simulacrum, control weather, 8th: create greater undead, clone, polymorph any object, prismatic wall, 9th: wish, gate, dominate monster, energy drain, teleportation circle, time stop, shapechange


Thalos wakes to find himself in an unfamiliar place, a dark cave with a sliver of moonlight showing him the way to the surface. When he steps out into the night he does not recognize his surroundings, nor does he remember much of his past. He does remember who he is and all the arcane power that he possesses from decades of study.

In the morning he casts wish for 25,000 gp (5kXP) of materials and starts to craft a headband of intellect +6 (18kgp, 1440XP).


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